narrative films

Damage CRTL (2023)

1st Assistant Director

Handkerchief Films

The return of a predator from her past pushes a high-strung grad student and her deadbeat roommate to join forces, seek revenge, and unwittingly become a global vigilante duo standing up against perpetrators of sexual violence. 

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The Allegan Ape (2023)

1st Assistant Director

Dir. Marion Jamet

A lonely ex-lineman is haunted by a mysterious creature he witnessed in his youth on a remote campground in Allegan, Michigan. Decades later, when a group of researchers decide to camp in the woods, he becomes desperate to save them from the danger in the trees.

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Walter, Grace, & the Submarine (2022)

1st Assistant Director, Art 

Dir. Noah Bashore

A sweet rom-com set in Grand Rapids, Michigan. For more information on this project, visit

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Unemployees (2022)


Dir. Joel Potrykus. 

Two recent graduates seek gainful unemployment.

Currently streaming on Criterion.


A violent sneeze in church leaves a teenage girl confined to a bathroom stall, which grows more bloody and nightmarish by the minute, as she struggles to get a tampon.

Currently in the Festival Circuit. 

Thing From the Factory By the Field (2021)

Second Assistant Director

Directed by Joel Potrykus. 

When three teenagers initiate a new member into their garage band, a mysterious thing falls from the sky.

Currently streaming on the Criterion Collection.

Limit of One (2021)


When their cat is hit by a car, a recently broken up couple must come together to go to the vet's office to put it down.

Shot on 16mm.

Luna (2019)


A young boy is forced out of naiveté during a painful family dinner, coming to terms with his mother’s addiction and learning to process loss.

Polarized (2018)


After discovering she is adopted, a girl goes on a journey to find her birth mother and meets a new friend along the way.